Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Good Day

Asian Fairy Bluebird, Loc: Hulu Terengganu

Loc: Hulu Terangganu

Location: Pahang

Copper smith Barbet, Loc: Kuala Berang, Terengganu

Loc: Telemung, Terengganu

Asian Paradise, Loc: Pahang

Loc: Telemung Terengganu

Loc: Pahang

Loc: Kg. Gemuruh, Terengganu


Roger said...

Hi Zul,

Great bird pics at your blog .. but I gave up half way after realising that you NEVER mention the location on any of your posts.

Of course, I wouldn't expect the GPS coordinates (that's asking too much), but the area name like Panti, Fraser's would be good.

Without a location and possibly a brief writeup, this is just like a photo album (but a VERY nice one :) )


Zul Ya Birder said...

TQ, for your comments..