Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pied Hornbill


Huge number of  ( approximately 20 birds) Pied Hornbill flew over the Highway nearby Ajil Rest & Service Area.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Crested Goshawk and Grey Headed Fish Eagle

Spotted a Crested Goshawk and Grey Headed Fish Eagle ( below ), while driving through the green scenery of Kenyir, Terengganu. Amazingly found an animal footprint, looks like a tiger crossing the road. I'm and Ridzwan looked each other to imagine how big the size of it.

Wild animals crossing sign

Location where i spotted Grey Headed Fish Eagle which facing of the lake above

Crested Goshawk

Grey Headed Fish Eagle

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wings of Hulu Terengganu

Birds: Broadbill, Flycatcher, Eagle, Black Nape Monach ( Male Female )
Malkoha, Hornbill, Green Iora

08/10/2015: A good day after hazy sky for long time, i'm keep searching for birds nearby. Don't know the exact name for eagle actually. Missed to snap of Black and White Bulbul ( BWB ), hope next will see....

Better view of the man made Kenyir Lake, Terengganu 
Black and Yellow Broadbill

Black Nape Monarch ( Female)
Black Nape Monarch ( Male )
Black Winged Kite

Brown Flycatcher

Green Iora

Pied Hornbill

Raffle's malkoha
Short Toed Snake Eagle - I think....

Tickell Blue Flycatcher

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

White Chested Babbler

Loc: Jerangau, Terengganu

Sukar untuk kenal pasti samada White Chested Babbler (WCB) atau Abbort Babbler. Perbezaan warna di dada burung ini dan bunyinya yang agak lain dari Abbort meyakinkan saya ianya WCB. Mungkin anda di luar sana boleh bagi komen.

Colorful Sunbird and Flycatcher

Loved colorful of Sunbird
Loc: Terengganu
Ruby Cheek Sunbird
Purple Throated Sunbird
Verditer Flycatcher

Ashy Bulbul and Hill Myna

Loc: Dungun, Terengganu

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015