Thursday, October 24, 2013

Java Sparrow

Record Shot Only

Agak lama menantikan pasangan burung yang cantik ini untuk turun pada paras yang lebih rendah dengan harapan dapat merakamkan foto yang lebih baik....tapi ia tetap disitu juga. Kena cuba lagilahh

Loc: Perak

Crimson Sunbird

Loc: Perak

Blue Rock Thrush


Loc: Perak

Black Capped Kingfisher

Record Shot Only
Burung Pekaka Kopiah Hitam

Agak sukar untuk merakam foto burung ini, kerana ianya terlalu sensitif pada pergerakkan kita, sebagaimana yang dikatakan oleh rakan memburung Tn Sulaiman Salikan. Harap akan datang dapat gambar yang lebih baik.

Loc: Pulau Pinang

The North Collection

Brown Shrike

Cinnamon Bittern

Collared Kingfisher
Common Kingfisher

 Loc: Pulau Pinang

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Purple Backed Starling

Burung Perling Belakang Ungu
Loc: Selangor

The Daurian Starling (Agropsar sturninus), also known as the Purple-backed Starling, is a species of starling in the Sturnidae family. It is sometimes included in the genus Sturnus or Sturnia. It is found in Cambodia, China, Christmas Island, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia,Iran, Japan, North Korea, South Korea,Laos,Malaysia [1] Mongolia, Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan,  Thailand,Vietnam, and Yemen. Its natural habitats are boreal forests and temperate forests. ( Source by: Wikipedia )

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Banded Pitta - Love Our Nature And Rain Forest

Sayangi Alam Dan Hutan Kita



Loc: Taman Negara, Pahang

The Malayan Banded Pitta (Hydrornis irena) is a species of bird in the Pittidae family. It is found in Thailand, the Malay Peninsula andSumatra. It was formerly considered conspecific with the Bornean and Javan Banded Pittas. Together, they were referenced as theBanded Pitta( Source by: Wikipedia )

Black Capped Babbler

Loc: Pahang

Short Tailed Babbler

Loc: Taman Negara, Pahang

The Short-tailed Babbler (Malacocincla malaccensis) is a species of bird in the family Pellorneidae.It is found in Peninsular Malaysia,Singapore, and Thailand as well as the islands of Sumatra and Borneo (and some of the smaller surrounding islands).
Its natural habitat is tropical moist lowland forests. The species is generally solitary, not joining larger mixed-species flocks, instead foraging as singles or pairs. They forage in the understory on the ground on a variety of insects including beetles, grasshoppers, and ants. Like other babblers they will use their foot to grasp food items, an unusual behaviour for passerine birds.

The Short-tailed Babbler is locally common at a number of places within its range but is considered near-threatened due to the loss of lowland forest in its range. ( Source by: Wikipedia )