Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Banded Pitta - Love Our Nature And Rain Forest

Sayangi Alam Dan Hutan Kita



Loc: Taman Negara, Pahang

The Malayan Banded Pitta (Hydrornis irena) is a species of bird in the Pittidae family. It is found in Thailand, the Malay Peninsula andSumatra. It was formerly considered conspecific with the Bornean and Javan Banded Pittas. Together, they were referenced as theBanded Pitta( Source by: Wikipedia )


lupekanje said...

Burung Pacat Bukit ... menarik dgn bulu yg warna warni.

Zul Ya Birder said...

Tkasih.., hebat boleh beri info ID sekali.

Daniel Dvran said...

The Pitta is one of my favourite birds and this is an excellent series of photos. Very good¡

Zul Ya Birder said...

Tq Daniel Dvran, its first time i saw a very beautiful Pittas.