Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wings of Hulu Terengganu

Birds: Broadbill, Flycatcher, Eagle, Black Nape Monach ( Male Female )
Malkoha, Hornbill, Green Iora

08/10/2015: A good day after hazy sky for long time, i'm keep searching for birds nearby. Don't know the exact name for eagle actually. Missed to snap of Black and White Bulbul ( BWB ), hope next will see....

Better view of the man made Kenyir Lake, Terengganu 
Black and Yellow Broadbill

Black Nape Monarch ( Female)
Black Nape Monarch ( Male )
Black Winged Kite

Brown Flycatcher

Green Iora

Pied Hornbill

Raffle's malkoha
Short Toed Snake Eagle - I think....

Tickell Blue Flycatcher

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