Sunday, December 1, 2013

Common Redshank - Juvenile

Loc: Juru, Penang

It is a widespread breeding bird across temperate Eurasia. It is a migratory species, wintering on coasts around the Mediterranean, on the Atlantic coast of Europe from Great Britain southwards, and in South Asia. They are uncommon vagrants outside these areas; onPalau in Micronesia for example, the species was recorded in the mid-1970s and in 2000[8].Source: Wikipedia


digdeep said...

This is a juvenile Common Redshank Zul

Daniel Dvran said...

Green or red it is a notable bird. Amazing that a sort of bird I see every year in Spain were photographied in Malaysia. Good photo, Zul.

Zul Ya Birder said...

Tq Digdeep for the info,...Daniel its long journey, amazing bird and tq for sharing info.