Sunday, December 29, 2013

Love Nature of Tropical Rainforest - Part 5

Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Black Naped Monach

Greater Flameback Woodpecker

Green Billed Malkoha

Little Cuckoo Dove

Plain Sunbird

StripeThroated Bulbul

Temminck's Sunbird

Yellow Bellied Bulbul

Chesnut Breasted Malkoha


Daniel Dvran said...

I can see that December is a good month in Malaysia, you have got very beautiful photos. Some of them shows real rare birds, for instance the paradise flycatcher in this series.


Daniel Dvran said...
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Zul Ya Birder said...

Thanks Daniel, really its not the good time. December is heavy rain. Some of the photos just picked up from my previous collections accept for Niltava,Malkoha,Barbets and Flycatcher.